Our blog is focused on the issue of pediatric feeding struggles. Feeding struggles are complex, extremely varied, and affect more than just the child. You can expect to see posts from feeding experts, parents who have walked the walk, and of course, us here at Feeding Matters.

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My Journey with Mikarah

Published by djennings on November 16, 2018

I am a mother of four children. My youngest child, Mikarah, was diagnosed with feeding difficulties, better known as failure to thrive, at about 8 weeks of age. She was born at 35 weeks and it was a pretty normal pregnancy. I breastfed, but she was not gaining weight. 


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NICU Awareness Month

Published by Feeding Matters on November 12, 2018

To honor Neonatal Intensive Care Awareness Month, Feeding Matters created an infographic to share how prevalent pediatric feeding disorder can be in children who have spent time in a NICU. Feeding is complex, and eating is only instinctual in the first few weeks of life. After that, it is a learned behavior – early intervention is critical.

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Are All Kids Picky

Published by Dr. Kay Toomey on November 05, 2018

PARENT QUESTION:  I have heard from a number of other people and professionals that all children are picky, and that they all outgrow it. Is this true?


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Meet Mason

Published by Feeding Matters on October 29, 2018

When Mason began losing weight and showing signs that he had stopped growing at just a few months old, his doctor recommended that it was time to see a specialist. His parents were devastated to learn that their baby was failing to thrive. After doing everything they possibly could to help him, they decided it was time to have a g-tube put in.

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Mealtimes: No Magic Required

Published by Growing Independent Eaters on October 24, 2018

When families begin the process of weaning from feeding tubes at home, a paralysis can take place, where you feel a lot of pressure to create magical mealtimes that will hypnotize your children into eating spoonful after spoonful. But when that paralysis strikes, we have good news: creating a wean-friendly meal does not require a magic touch. It only requires you to keep the following in mind:

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