Community Councils

Feeding Matters will be capitalizing on our current relationships we have with families, medical professionals, volunteers, and community advocates by creating community councils in areas seeing growth in advocacy for pediatric feeding disorder (PFD).

Community councils will be formed to fulfill the following purposes:

  • Provide a base of volunteer-led support to engage local audiences in grassroots efforts, corporate
    partnerships, individual relationships, and to garner foundation support within the local community
  • Increase awareness of Feeding Matters and PFD
  • Develop and execute fundraising and communication plans in collaboration with Feeding Matters’
    Director of Programs and Events


Community council members will be relied upon for their strategic counsel and leadership and serve as chief advocates for advancing awareness about PFD. They will also set an example of philanthropy through their own charitable investment in Feeding Matters.

Community councils will meet regularly to discuss how they can support Feeding Matters strategic priorities, identify and connect with prospective donors, and partner with Feeding Matters leadership in cultivating and soliciting those prospects.

Role Description

Council members are visible and recognized community leaders, who set an example with their own investment in Feeding Matters and their willingness to advocate and fundraise for the organization. Community council members will be relied upon to identify and cultivate relationships within their community and generate awareness of Feeding Matters and pediatric feeding disorder.

  • Serve as the chief advocates of Feeding Matters and pediatric feeding disorder
  • Understand pediatric feeding disorder and Feeding Matters efforts within the four strategic pillars: education, research, family support, and advocacy
  • Recruit additional members for the community council
  • Identify and prioritize new prospective donors
  • Partner with Feeding Matters to cultivate and solicit prospective donors
  • Plan and activate community events that promote awareness of Feeding Matters and pediatric feeding disorder
  • Make a personal philanthropic gift each year in support of Feeding Matters

Time Commitment (Approximately 3-5 hours per month)

  • Attend community council meetings (1-2 hours every month)
  • Assist with cultivation/solicitation of prospective donors (approximately 1-2 hours a month).
  • Attend community activation and awareness events


We are currently looking for council members in the following locations. Apply today to serve in your
area! Interested in starting a community council in your area? Let us know here: