Corporate Partner Program

Optimize Your Reach with Custom Options

Feeding Matters is dedicated to creating a world where children with pediatric feeding disorder (PFD) will thrive. This would not be possible for us to focus on without the support of our corporate partners. Learn more about these partnerships and how your company can join in our mission to provide hope to the millions of families struggling with PFD.

Our goal is to serve patient and professional communities by offering resources, information, and access to brand partnerships while also identifying mutually beneficial arrangements with industry leaders. A strategic collaboration with Feeding Matters allows a company to impact a wide range of professionals and families in the PFD community. Collaborators work closely with the Feeding Matters team to ensure that a company’s contribution is leveraged to provide customized programming, targeted exposure, and access to the PFD community and trusted affiliations. Feeding Matters ensures that partners receive consistent communication and relevant KPIs showing their dollars’ impact.

Increase sales, differentiate your company from competitors, and build brand awareness by becoming a corporate partner with Feeding Matters today!

Align Opportunities with your Company Goals

We offer various levels of partnership. Each collaboration is a customized annual package that includes recognition at Feeding Matters’ signature events and brings together additional opportunities that align with your company’s goals. Some examples of these include: webinars, social media campaigns, and content sharing. If you are not prepared to become an annual corporate partner, Feeding Matters offers sponsorship recognition for each of its signature events; view the International PFD Conference Sponsorship Packet and the Annual Community Event Sponsorship Packet.

All corporate partners receive the following recognition:

  • Linked logo on Feeding Matters webpage for entirety of partnership. Feeding Matters website averages 17,700 unique visitors per month.
  • Meetings with Feeding Matters Leadership and opportunity for guests from PFD Alliance network
  • Meetings with the Corporate Partnership Network
  • Quarterly Partnership Network newsletter
  • Optional 2 presentations to internal employees about PFD per year

To schedule a call to learn more contact Jen Lambert at

Ethical standards for collaboration

Feeding Matters does not endorse any products and maintains transparency about funding of projects. All partnerships follow the organization’s ethical standards for collaboration and philosophy, learn more here.

Thank you to our founding corporate partners

Feeding Matters is deeply grateful to the following partners for their commitment to the Feeding Matters mission.