Formula Shortage Resources

There is a nationwide shortage of many formula products making it difficult for any family who needs to use formula for their children’s daily nutrition. While there is help on the way, this crisis is still especially impacting families of children with pediatric feeding disorder (PFD) who cannot easily switch brands.

Feeding Matters is encouraging families to talk to their healthcare professionals and work in partnership with them to source formula. We are also sharing the following resources and will continue to update this page as more information becomes available. If you have resources to share with other families, please email

Nutramigen Formula Powder Recall

Mead Johnson Nutrition has voluntarily recalled select batches of Nutramigen Hypoallergenic Infant Formula Powder.


Speak with your child’s doctor
Call your child’s pediatrician first to see if they have any resources or samples available.


NASPGHAN Tools for Infants and Children Affected by Formula Shortages
This list provides categories of formulas by protein type for premature and term infants, as well as children older than 12 months of age.


Kids Eat in Color
This Instagram post has some helpful tips if you are unable to find formula.


Shop online
If you can afford it, you can purchase formula online. Be sure to only purchase from reputable websites.


Contact the manufacturer directly
We have included contact information for common manufacturers  below.


Formula Mom
Follow the Formula Mom on Instagram, including this post for resources on the current shortage.


Feeding Matters Family Support
Learn more about how Feeding Matters can help you with your child’s pediatric feeding disorder journey.



Formula Manufacturers

Use the following links to view contact information for the world’s top formula manufacturers.



Gerber (Nestle)



Abbott Nutrition


Bellamy’s Organic

Kraft Heinz



Arla Foods