Living our Values: Collaborative, Innovative, Inclusive

Published by Jaclyn Pederson, MHI on Feb 29, 2024

As I sit down to pen my thoughts to share with you this month, the importance of trust within our community is top of mind. Your trust in us is the anchor of our organization, and it’s a responsibility we take seriously.

In recent weeks, we’ve actively sought your feedback on various aspects of our work – from refining our storytelling and awareness initiatives to enhancing support structures for families and advancing educational initiatives. Your responses, deep in insight and wisdom, are shaping the trajectory of Feeding Matters. It is your trust and openness that empower us to make the necessary adjustments, both big and small, ensuring that we remain, a community-driven organization.

Our commitment to continuous improvement goes hand in hand with nurturing the trust you place in us. We recognize that trust is earned through transparency, active listening, and responsive action. As we navigate the complexities of pediatric feeding disorder (PFD), our goal remains resolute: to transform the field through education, advocacy, research, and support.

As we bid farewell to this month, I believe it also important to acknowledge and celebrate the significance of Black History Month in the United States. While we celebrate the achievements and contributions of Black individuals and leaders who have shaped our world and inspired positive change, we must also acknowledge the systemic barriers and disparities that impact marginalized communities, including Black children and families.

This is especially true within the PFD system of care. In our mission to empower families and transform the PFD system, we understand that this requires a collective effort grounded in compassion and understanding. This Black History Month, Feeding Matters recommits itself to amplifying the voices of marginalized communities. Your feedback allows us to do this and your trust in us to learn and make continuous changes is vital.  Together, we can work for equitable access to resources, education, and support for every child affected by PFD, both within the United States and globally, all while respecting and honoring the trust you’ve placed in us.

We have the power to shape a more just, compassionate, and equitable future for children, inclusive of all races, ethnicities, and backgrounds.  Thank you for entrusting us with this vital mission and for being an integral part of our community.


Jaclyn Pederson, MHI

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Feeding Matters Values

We partner to ensure every voice is heard, ideas are openly shared, and we work towards a common goal.

We take the initiative to leave comfort zones, embrace new ideas, and generate change.

We lead with trust and empathy to invite and value all perspectives.