Suzanne Evans Morris, PhD

Credentials: New Visions

A speech-language pathologist with New Visions near Charlottesville, Virginia. She is nationally and internationally known for her work in identifying and treating young children with feeding and pre-speech disorders. Dr. Morris is the director of New Visions, which sponsors innovative workshops for the teaching of feeding-related skills, and provides family-oriented clinical services. Her work includes direct clinical services, continuing education workshops, development of clinical materials and clinical research. Dr. Morris has studied Neurodevelopmental Treatment approaches extensively in England, Switzerland and the United States.

She is the author of the Pre-Speech Assessment Scale, a rating scale for the measurement of pre-speech behaviors in children from birth through two years, and co-author of Pre-Feeding Skills: A Comprehensive Resource for Mealtime Development, 2nd Edition, The Mealtime Participation Guide and the Homemade Blended Formula Handbook.