Family Support Pillar

The family support pillar is led by the Family Advisory Council. Feeding Matters works to provide support for families facing feeding challenges through every step of their experience with PFD.

Family Support Projects & Outputs

Power of Two Program
Feeding Matters’ Power of Two program is an international system of support for families that often feel isolated and overwhelmed. Qualified family coaches who have first-hand experience with PFD are matched with families struggling to overcome the issues often faced with PFD. Through shared experiences, Power of Two family coaches offer emotional support, compassion, resources, and guidance – reminding caregivers that they are not alone.

Financial Assistance Program
Feeding Matters understands that many families face significant financial difficulty due to the high costs of treating pediatric feeding disorder, and the overall lack of insurance coverage. The application system opens each fall. Learn more.

Family Guide
The family guide provides an overview of what PFD is, the professionals involved, and next steps to take as a parent or caregiver. View the Family Guide.

Infant and Child Feeding Questionnaire
Early detection and treatment of feeding problems are critical to the long-term health and well-being of affected children. This questionnaire has been developed by internationally-recognized feeding experts to help families better understand their child’s feeding habits. By completing this questionnaire families will learn about typical feeding development, identify if there are any areas of concern regarding their child’s feeding, and be provided a method for discussing any concerns with their child’s physician.

Provider Directory
Feeding Matters has created a comprehensive database of feeding centers and healthcare professionals. Search the directory for physicians, hospitals, and other providers who routinely and frequently evaluate and treat pediatric feeding disorder.

The Theory of Change is an adaptive framework utilized by Feeding Matters and the PFD Alliance to remain nimble with the ability to adjust and pivot as the landscape for pediatric feeding disorder continues to shift and transform. An ever-evolving map, the Theory of change identifies main objectives and potential pathways to promote social change for PFD. Once items are identified, they are researched and tested through a lean innovation process before they are integrated into Feeding Matters’ strategic plan. View the framework.