The Family Advisory Council (FAC) advises Feeding Matters and the PFD Alliance on how to more effectively meet the needs of families navigating pediatric feeding disorder (PFD) – providing feedback on proposed policy, programs, initiatives, and strategic planning. FAC members have a wide variety of experiences with pediatric feeding disorder and represent the diversity of families impacted by PFD.

Current Members

Garrett Barnes

Family Advisory Council Chair
PFD Alliance Growth Committee
PFD Dissemination Committee

Children: Lucy, Alice, and Ivy

Cathy Humphrey

Resource Committee Lead

Children: Maria

Brandt Perry

Children: Austin, Brayden, and Sydney

Past Members

Lucia Cota

Member since 2017

Elizabeth Hale

Member since 2006

Kimberly Lechner, PhD

Member since 2017

Heather Joy Magdelano

Member since 2016

Gina Merola

Member since 2006

Robyn Neiderer, MSN, CRNP

Member since 2015

Hayley Rothblum

Member since 2015

Renee Uzelac

Member since 2017