Education Pillar

For the medical and allied healthcare professionals who care for children with pediatric feeding disorder, finding higher education and certifications can be difficult. There are limited academic programs that offer courses on pediatric feeding disorder and no known specialized degrees. This leaves many of these dedicated professionals on their own to source and participate in continuing education opportunities. Feeding Matters and the PFD Alliance are committed to providing the expert knowledge, resources, and education required to deliver collaborative care and improve health outcomes.

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Advocacy Projects & Outputs

International Pediatric Feeding Disorder Conference
Endorsed by the North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (NASPGHAN), the International Pediatric Feeding Disorder Conference (IPFDC) offers groundbreaking access to the latest developments and research in the evaluation and treatment of pediatric feeding disorder. After several fully virtual conferences, the IPFDC will be back in-person in February, 2025 in Phoenix, Arizona!

Physician Outreach Project
The Physician Outreach Project is in the process of designing education modules for primary care physicians to educate on pediatric feeding disorder (PFD) with a larger scale goal of creating an ECHO in 2025.

Learning Center
To meet the growing demand for continuing education, Feeding Matters and the PFD Alliance developed the Learning Center in 2015. In addition to Feeding Matters’ schedule of webinars and on-demand continuing education opportunities, the Learning Center features an open-source database of community workshops and conferences for professionals and families seeking more information on PFD.

The Theory of Change is an adaptive framework utilized by Feeding Matters and the PFD Alliance to remain nimble with the ability to adjust and pivot as the landscape for pediatric feeding disorder continues to shift and transform. An ever-evolving map, the Theory of change identifies main objectives and potential pathways to promote social change for PFD. Once items are identified, they are researched and tested through a lean innovation process before they are integrated into Feeding Matters’ strategic plan. View the framework.