PFD Alliance Structure


Feeding Matters’ Pediatric Feeding Disorder (PFD) Alliance unites the field’s advocates, professionals, family members, and community partners to ignite unprecedented change to the system of care through shared-collective decisions, insights, and ideas. Learn more about the alliance structure.

PFD Alliance Norms

  • Operate around the following governance principles: participation, transparency, responsiveness, consensus orientation, equity, inclusiveness, effectiveness, efficiency, accountability, and rules of engagement
  • Be open to all with an interest and who abide by PFD Alliance norms
  • Encourage the ongoing education of members and the deepening of expertise among members
  • Time Commitment: While commitment expectations vary per position, most applicants should plan on meeting at least monthly.


Open Call

We host an Open Call for Alliance leadership and committee placements one to two times a year and also welcome applications throughout the year. While we are not currently making committee placements, we will keep your application for our next applicant selection.Please consider serving as a Feeding Matters skill-based volunteer and download the PFD Alliance app to stay connected. We value your interest and appreciate your willingness to serve the pediatric feeding community.

Education Pillar

improves the educational offerings, resources, and opportunities for all disciplines in the pediatric feeding disorder field

Education Pillar Chair: Amy Delaney, PhD, SLP


Conference Committee
determines the conference agenda topics and speakers; works collaboratively to plan and execute a multi-disciplinary evidence-based conference agenda, ensures that educational opportunities are of the highest caliber for attendees

Pre-Conference Committee
responsible for delivering an evidence-based interactive learning event highlighting the family’s voice regarding how PFD is assessed and managed within the PFD community


International PFD Conference
Educating and providing collaboration opportunities to individuals around the world.

Learning Center
The Learning Center features an open-source database of community workshops and conferences for professionals and families seeking more information on PFD.

Advocacy Pillar

determines an advocacy agenda and organizes a coalition to enhance services for children with pediatric feeding disorder

Advocacy Pillar Chair: Erin Ross, PhD, SLP


Digital Outreach Committee

responsible for building a digital outreach program designed to guide partners of influence, assess website function, drive website revisions, and guide content creation and digital dissemination


PFD Consensus Paper
The paper declares pediatric feeding disorder the unifying name and stand-alone diagnosis for the field.

EI Benchmark Project
This ongoing project strives to better understand awareness and support of children with PFD in early intervention services. Goals include a survey design and dissemination, establish an EI liaison in each state, and utilization of the ICFQ as a screen tool for PFD.

Raising awareness and increasing knowledge through workshops and speaking engagements.

Research Pillar

develops and contributes to a research blueprint designed to ignite research, optimize funding, and promote evidence based, family-focused, multi-disciplinary care for pediatric feeding disorder

Research Pillar Chair: Paula Rabaey, PhD, MPH, OTR/L

Research Initiatives Task Force
Research Task Force Chair: Will Sharp, PhD, Psychologist

explores patient and family centered research needs within the feeding field with a goal of improving long-term health outcomes through research drives system change


Infant and Child Feeding Questionnaire
Creating partnerships between families and healthcare professionals to help earlier identify pediatric feeding disorder.

Partnering in PFD Research
Feeding Matters welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with the pediatric feeding community on research that advances the evaluation and treatment of PFD.

Family Support Pillar

equips families with education and advocacy supports to ensure no family feels alone on their PFD journey

Family Advisory Council Chair: Amber Mieras


Power of Two
An international system of support for families that often feel isolated and overwhelmed.

PFD Family Guide
The Family Guide to Pediatric Feeding Disorder (PFD) will educate families on PFD, direct them to the next steps to take, and offer helpful tops on how to advocate for their child.

Provider Directory
A comprehensive database of feeding centers and healthcare professionals.

Resource Library
A comprehensive virtual hub of the latest research, articles, videos, and other resources with valuable information about PFD.