PFDA Quarterly Update

Published by Feeding Matters on Oct 10, 2019

Our Summer Town Halls are complete. We are pleased to report on pillar actions and committee achievements as we prepare for our digital ideation and symposium to be held in January 2020. The Education Pillar continues its efforts to understand the community’s educational needs and meet those demands with evidenced based education, resources and outreach.
    • A PowerPoint Presentation on PFD has been drafted and will be piloted with our university partners from all four domains as we work to educate upcoming practitioners on PFD.
    • The first completely virtual International Pediatric Feeding Disorder Conference agenda has been established and is now open for registration.
    • Our educational resources, including products, texts, articles, and handouts are under construction and expanding. Criteria for resource review and inclusion has been developed to ensure resources are relevant, evidenced based and aligned with our mission.
The Advocacy Pillar is working to fulfill its advocacy agenda while organizing a coalition to enhance services for children with pediatric feeding disorder.
    • A proposal has been finalized and submitted to the CDC advocating for PFD to be a standalone diagnosis.
    • Early intervention eligibility standards are under investigation as we build a better understanding of each state’s EI service model.
    • We have identified the need for a consensus on assessment and management of PFD. Resources continue to be gathered as we prepare for a formal consensus meeting.
The Research Pillar continues to develop a body of evidence which promotes early identification and funding support of PFD.
    • The prevalence study on PFD is complete and has been submitted for peer review.
    • The research blueprint has been finalized. View the Theory of Change to see what is next on the research agenda.
As the Pediatric Feeding Disorder Alliance continues its efforts through committee actions, we encourage you to get involved. Every contribution furthers our initiatives as we come together to care for our families impacted by PFD. Participate in the Alliance Contribute knowledge Leverage resources Support families