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Feeding Matters has many exciting opportunities available for volunteers! We truly value and appreciate the time and effort our volunteers spend helping us with an event, participating on a committee, being a mentor in the Power of Two program, utilizing their professional skills, assisting in social media, and more. The steps to become a volunteer include: filling out the online application, interviewing, and attending the volunteer orientation and training. Volunteer trainings are held online and occur every month.

Internship opportunities

Feeding Matters is open to providing part-time or full-time internships for college students in a number of different focus areas. If you are interested in an internship opportunity with Feeding Matters, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator to discuss available opportunities and to begin the formal application process.

Group opportunities

There are many volunteer opportunities available for any group interested in working with Feeding Matters. We’ve hosted everything from a corporate team building volunteer day, to a club achieving their community service hours. If you have a group that would like to volunteer with Feeding Matters, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

Take your place at the table, get involved today! To contact our Volunteer Coordinator, please call 623.242.5234 or email volunteer@feedingmatters.org.

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Volunteer Spotlight

January 2017 - Family Advisory Council

Family Advisory Council members meet quarterly to discuss initiatives and programs, and council members also participate in our strategic planning. They are our sounding board for new programs and services, as their firsthand experience with pediatric feeding disorders is invaluable in making sure the parents' voices are heard. Several members are mentors in our Power of Two program, and many are community ambassadors who have brought Feeding Matters to Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Utah. Most recently, council members participated in the 5th Pediatric Feeding Conference as both faculty and volunteers.

Volunteer activities for Feeding Matters:

The Family Advisory Council brings the voice of all families together, and helps guide our programs from a parent perspective. Each of our 8 council members is dedicated, passionate, and a strong advocate when it comes to pediatric feeding disorders. The council helps Feeding Matters create enhanced programs for families and medical professionals to achieve our vision. Every council member is dedicated to helping put pediatric feeding disorders on the map to reduce the severity, longevity, and long-term costs of pediatric feeding disorders.

What has been your interest in volunteering your time to Feeding Matters?

Feeding Matters understands the value of having these role models for other families as a part of our team, and we are grateful to have such a dedicated group of individuals backing our vision to create a world in which children with pediatric feeding disorders will thrive.

Do you have a child or family member who struggles to eat? What have your challenges been?:

Family Advisory Council members have firsthand experience with caring for a child with a pediatric feeding disorder, and each member is passionate and dedicated to advocating and supporting these families.

Any other information you’d like to share: