Celebrating 15 Years

Published by Jaclyn Pederson, MHI on Sep 30, 2022

Dear Friends of Feeding Matters,

A year ago today, a pediatric feeding disorder (PFD) milestone was met that will be life-changing for generations to come. On Oct 1, 2021, pediatric feeding disorder was officially included in the US diagnostic manual (learn more here), authorized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and on that very same day, the world had its first official diagnosis of PFD.

As we reflect on what this last year has brought for the PFD community, we celebrate the increased recognition of pediatric feeding disorder and validation that this code brings for families and professionals. But we know there is still so much work to do. Insurance companies still need the education on what PFD entails and the best way to support families who face this disorder. Pediatricians who weren’t taught about feeding still need support with early identification and knowing how to refer to qualified providers. We are moving the needle on these tough challenges, but changing the structure of medical care and medical professional education takes time.

Today, we celebrate PFD’s first “birthday” and keep that excitement near as we continue the long fight ahead. We have made real, lasting change, and that will continue as we evolve the system of care for children and families.

Best wishes,

Jaclyn PedersonJaclyn Pederson, MHI


This will be my last update for 2022 as I will be going out on maternity leave next month. While I’m out and feeding (and playing with and snuggling!) my new little one, we’ll have some of our leadership and families share their experiences with all of you.