Published by Feeding Matters on Jan 04, 2018

With the start of a new year, we are energized to continue our work advocating for a functional system of care for children with pediatric feeding disorder, knowing it is not possible without the ongoing support, time, and expertise of medical providers, researchers and allied healthcare professionals.

By joining forces, we are expanding educational opportunities, accelerating identification and igniting research. From professional councils to research committees, groups are coming together to generate amazing results for this misunderstood and underserved population of vulnerable infants and children. Watch this video to learn how Feeding Matters is helping healthcare professionals propel this field forward.

Monumental change isn’t easy, but with your support we are poised to create a stand-alone diagnosis for pediatric feeding disorder, screening tools, comprehensive insurance coverage, and best practices the feeding community deserves.

If you are passionate about pediatric feeding disorder, we invite you to join us in creating a world where children with pediatric feeding disorder will thrive.

Opportunities for Collaboration