My PFD Story: Georgio

Published by Gia Licata & Nicholas Matthews on Dec 19, 2023

Georgio in his highchair

We tried for over a year to get pregnant and we couldn’t have been happier when we found out I finally was. After many loses, medications, and tears.. our miracle baby was here. Something wasn’t right though, and I knew that from the minute I found out I was pregnant.

They diagnosed me with Polyhydramnios and told me there was nothing to worry about. Right. After googling for days, I was reading a lot of baby’s having swallowing issues in links to the polyhydraminos. This worried me a lot and I spoke with my doctor and she reassured me that that wouldn’t happen. Georgio was born at 35 weeks and spent 5 days in NICU. As I mama, I knew something just wasn’t right. He was vomiting his feeds, super fussy and something just really seemed off.

On January 5, 2023 Georgio was hospitalized for ten days after he completely stopped eating. A bunch of tests showed that he had dysphagia and was unable to safely eat. By April, he had a G-tube put in and I really believe that’s the day our journey truly began.

Running to the grocery store is no longer a simple task. Routines don’t exist. Date nights aren’t even an option. Snuggling rarely happens. To say our hearts are broken, is an understatement. I sat in that space for months. But then I realized that my 4 month old was now a 10 month old. Time went. I stayed in that space, but time moved forward. That’s when I realized that I had to just come to terms with this being the way it is.

I like to say for now. I like to have hope. I have to say that things have gotten better. My son was on basically a continuous feed all day and now gets 3 feeds each day and 1 overnight. We have gotten his overnight down to 5 1/2 hours and we also even managed to get him feeding safely in his crib.

I worry everyday that my son won’t have a “normal” life, but I try to remember that this is HIS “normal”. He doesn’t know any different. He’s the happiest baby, always laughing. That’s where I find that hope I was talking about. You have to stay hopeful, because at the end of the day they need us.

I remember the days where I would cry because I knew my baby was going to be hospitalized for dehydration because I couldn’t get him to drink. Now, I know he’s eating. He’s healthy. He’s gaining weight. We have to remember that even though things are different, our babies are fighters. They’re strong. They’re resilient.

Georgio is a true miracle. He lights up every room he is in. He truly is the strongest kid I know and will forever be my hero.