ICFQ Rack Card

Published by Feeding Matters on Aug 07, 2020

Feeding Matters’ innovative Infant and Child Feeding Questionnaire® (ICFQ©) was authored in partnership with internationally renowned thought leaders representing multiple disciplines related to feeding. The ICFQ© is an age specific tool designed to identify potential feeding concerns and facilitate discussion with all members of the child’s healthcare team.

According to a seminal study published in the 2020 Journal of Pediatrics*, the ICFQ© has been shown to accurately identify and differentiate pediatric feeding disorder (PFD) from picky eating in children 0-4 years of age based on caregiver responses to 6 specific questions. This 6-question quick screener continues to undergo research as Feeding Matters strives to promote the early identification of PFD.

Download the ICFQ Rack Card to print and share with the families you serve!