Is this a feeding Team?


What services are offered?

MD or Group of MDs with routine office visits

Additional information:

We provide patients with immediate access to an evidence-based multidisciplinary team of mental health nurses, dietitians, psychologists and other health professionals. Our aims are to: • To provide patients with immediate access to a passionate, approachable and knowledgeable team of mental health nurses, psychologists, family therapists, dietitians and other health professions. • To increase the accessibility of eating disorder services and to provide patients with eating disorders with immediate access to evidence-based therapy. • To help patients develop a healthy relationship to food, and their body. • To help patients achieve a healthy weight and to independently manage meals. • To increase patients, and their families, understanding of their disordered eating, and mental and physical wellness. • To help patients develop a positive mental and physical well being and become resilient to challenges. • To always be completely open and honest with our patients, to support them in making the most informed choices. • To provide staff with opportunities for continued professional development, supervision, training, support. • To provide a patient-centred approach. • To provide a service that is results-focused.