Is this a feeding Team?


What services are offered?

Outpatient: Once a week or less (overnight stay not required)

Additional information:

Talk About Therapy – Atlanta feeding therapy, tongue tie therapy and speech therapy. Talk About Therapy provides Speech Therapy services to patients ranging from birth to 21, and their families. We provide evaluations and treatment for tongue tie (Ankyloglossia), speech and language, and feeding difficulties in our clients’ natural environment. Our services are provided in the comfort of your home in-person or through tele-therapy and at your child’s daycare or preschool.

What is Feeding Therapy How can Talk About Therapy help?

Feeding therapy can address many different difficulties faced by you and your child, such as: breastfeeding, increasing oral intake, food aversions, strengthening the oral motor muscles, and moving from tube feeding to oral intake. Feeding therapy typically takes place during mealtime. We work directly with the parent during mealtime to ensure the family is also learning the therapeutic techniques as we implement them. At Talk About Therapy, we pride ourselves in involving our families to help create customized goals for our children. We will sit down with you to discuss what outcomes you hope to see from your child, and help you implement techniques and strategies for life-long success.

Here are ​some signs that your infant (age 0-1) might be having feeding difficulties:

  • Slow or decreased weight gain

  • Signs of distress such as frustration or increased breathing during mealtime

  • Coughing

  • Tethered oral tissue (Tongue and/or Lip Tie(s), also known as Ankyloglossia)

  • Decreased bowel movements

  • Wet, gurgly cries and breaths

Here are some signs that your child or toddler (age 1+) might be having feeding difficulties:

  • Frequent gagging

  • Arching of back prior to or during mealtime

  • Frustration during mealtime

  • Food refusal

  • Difficulty accepting new textures

  • Prolonged feeding time (should be approximately 30 minutes)

  • Reflux and Colic like symptoms

  • Anxiety prior to meal time

  • Stuffing/Pocketing of food

  • Frequent vomiting and gagging when food is presented or after trying foods

  • Difficulty with age appropriate foods

If your child presents with 2 or more of these symptoms, please contact us to discuss your concerns, how we can help, and schedule an evaluation.