Is this a feeding Team?


What services are offered?

Intensive Outpatient: Once or more per day for several days/week

Additional information:

In private practice for over 18 years, specializing muscle and motor based speech and feeding disorders: pediatric Sensory Feeding/Sensory Motor Skills to intervene with adequate and nutritive feeding, Oral-Placement Therapy approach (OPT), Myofunctional Disorders (tongue thrusting), and Motor Planning Speech disorders/Apraxia. I utilize a multi-sensory, multi-faceted approach to treatment which has been the most effective method in my practice. I combine Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), Verbal Behavior, SOS and Floortime/Dir, to facilitate progress as quickly as possible and focusing on the child’s individual learning style. I evaluate and intervene but not limited to: Autism, Down Syndrome, Dysarthria, failure to thrive, limited diets, mastication deficits/chewing inability, Myofunctional Disorders, motor speech disorders/Apraxia/Dyspraxia, speech intelligibility and Ankyloglossia (tongue-tie). Collaboration of professionals is essential in the intervention treatment as well as training the parents and caregivers.