Our Programs

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Community Outreach

  • We are raising awareness about pediatric feeding disorders through community outreach efforts. These efforts include exhibitor booths at conferences and community events; new, enhanced website with resources and educational information; online forum for medical professionals and parents; distribution of brochures and informational packets; distribution of information and connecting with the community through the use of social media.

Infant and Child Feeding Questionnaire©

  • We have developed the Feeding Matters Infant and Child Feeding Questionnaire, authored by internationally recognized feeding experts. This ground-breaking tool will enable medical professionals, including neonatologists and pediatricians, to partner with parents to identify pediatric feeding disorders earlier, prompting an opportunity for further assessment and more effective treatment.

Power of Two

  • Parents of children with feeding disorders may feel isolated and overwhelmed with the medical, emotional, financial, educational, and social issues they face as they raise their child. Power of Two matches parents who are dealing with their child’s feeding struggle with other parents, or mentors, that can offer emotional support and information because they too have been through a similar experience.

Provider Directory

  • Our online provider directory is the first-of-its-kind, collection of pediatric medical providers and specialists that serves the complex needs of children with feeding disorders. Users can create a customized list by searching for different disciplines, geographic locations, evaluations and treatment approaches, and payment methods from providers across the globe. Check out this great tool.

Resource Directory

  • This unique online resource section is an interactive platform where parents and medical professionals can connect by sharing their knowledge of pediatric feeding disorders. This comprehensive directory houses listings of articles, products, published research, conferences, and other areas of support, all related to pediatric feeding struggles. Learn more and submit your knowledge.

What the Experts Have to Say Videos

  • Currently, there is little education on pediatric feeding disorders available for both parents and medical professionals. Providing education is essential for better outcomes for infants and children who struggle to eat. Our consortium of internationally-recognized feeding experts collaborated to provide a premiere video library for accessing the latest education and information available on pediatric feeding struggles.