Volunteer Spotlight: November

Published by Feeding Matters on Nov 09, 2020

In this season of thanksgiving, we would like to express our gratitude to each and every one of our volunteers who truly help us further our mission. Their work on diverse projects help to create a world in which children with pediatric feeding disorder thrive. They include 50 coaches who supported 105 families around the US and internationally and 368 members of our PFD Alliance who continue to move our work forward in our four pillars: Education, Advocacy, Research, and Family Support. In addition, this year our volunteers:
  • Submitted applications to more than 10 states to have a PFD awareness month this December 2020.
  • Created evidence bites for our newsletters.
  • Worked to create infographics that visualize our most recent accomplishments.
  • Created a guide for families who are new to their journey with PFD.
  • Contributed to our #TheNextRightThing campaign.
  • Developed the 2021 International Pediatric Feeding Disorder education program.
  • Provided PFD and Feeding Matters outreach around the country.
  • Supported our 2020 International Pediatric Feeding Disorder Conference.
  • Supported our November virtual event.

From all of us at Feeding Matters, a heart-felt thank you to our amazing volunteers!