Published by Feeding Matters on May 28, 2018

It is with deep appreciation for the time, commitment, and passion of our dedicated advocates and volunteers that Feeding Matters is launching a monthly Q & A series. They help with events, participate on committees, and coach in our Power of Two program. The advocate and volunteer spotlights will share the stories of our growing network of change agents, the driving force behind our vision to create a world where children with pediatric feeding disorder will thrive.

Mark Goris is like family to Feeding Matters….perhaps it’s because his sister, Feeding Matters’ Senior Director of Programs and Strategic Initiatives Jaclyn Pedersen, recruited him 5 years ago and he has been a regular volunteer at every event since. When asked about “what has been your favorite part of volunteering with FM?”, his original reply was “The Food”. He knows us well!

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.I am a 26 years old electrical engineer with my first out of college job at a helicopter company. I am always interested in learning new things. I love solving puzzles and/or problems.
  2. How long have you been a volunteer with Feeding Matters?
    I have been a volunteer for about 4 years.
  3. In which volunteer activities have you participated?
    Luncheon setups, helping relocate Feeding Matters to its new location, stuffing envelopes for informational purposes, facilitating the attendance of further education at the pediatric feeding conference.
  4. What motivated you to become involved?
    My incredible sister, Jaclyn Pedersen. She became a part of an amazing organization that is helping parents across the country. Hearing her talk about her work, especially the passion behind it, was a big selling point. That is when I started to look into the work being done by the company. And the lives that they change.
  5. What has been your favorite part of volunteering with Feeding Matters?
    The best part has to be the stories of success from the parents. How they talk about finally being able to feed their child and the fact that this organization was able to help facilitate it.
  6. In your opinion, what sets Feeding Matters apart from other organizations?
    I would have to say the people within the organization. Yes, I am a little bit biased since my sister is such a crucial part of the organization, but that does not take away from the other incredible people that make up the Feeding Matters family. The keyword there is family. In every interaction with parents and children they are treated with respect and as if, they are family. That kind of work ethic is an incredible thing to have and definitely separates Feeding Matters from other organizations.