Volunteer Spotlight: LACI Cohort

Published by Feeding Matters on Jun 10, 2020

Feeding Matters is proud to announce the conclusion of its first professional mentorship cohort, LACI (Learning Accelerated through Collaborative Initiatives). LACI was a 6-month learning collaborative for occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists who serve children with pediatric feeding disorder (PFD) in Maricopa County, AZ. Through virtual monthly meetings, mentor-mentee interactions, and self-guided learning these talented professionals sought to answer the question, “What do feeding skill domain professionals need to know in order to serve children with PFD?” Feeding Matters now extends a heartfelt thanks to all who made this initiative a success:
  • BHHS Legacy Foundation for their generous grant and relentless drive to strengthen communities’ health and quality of life through the empowerment of local change agents.
  • Brandt Perry, Feeding Matters’ LACI Parent Advocate, who served as a parent representative to ensure our families’ voices were heard.
  • Our LACI members, selected based on specific qualifications and professional standing, who successfully completed the cohort and have paved the way for future initiatives:

    Occupational Therapists Speech Language Pathologists
    Hannah Brennan Dena Berg
    Laura Comfort Amy Gabel
    Hana Eichele Angela Hughes
    Susan Hodges Marnie Madden
    Lisa Olsen Stephanie Sanchez
    Jennifer Urich Jacqueline Tschupp