Volunteer Spotlight: Kellee Dominguez

Published by Feeding Matters on Feb 01, 2020

Feeding Matters Volunteer Spotlight is a monthly Q & A series that shares the stories of our growing network of change agents, the driving force behind our vision to create a world where children with pediatric feeding disorder will thrive. This month we bring you Kellee Dominguez.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.

I work for Arizona Central Credit Union, I oversee our Corporate Volunteer Program, and fundraising, and Financial Literacy. I have worked here for 28+ years, and have worn many hats over the years, although, this is the most fulfilling job. Because I get to work with organizations like Feeding Matters, that is helping so many children and families, that are in need of the services, and resources offered by Feeding Matters.

What motivated you to become involved with Feeding Matters?

I was introduced to Feeding Matters by our CEO, Todd Pearson, who is new to the Feeding Matters board. After learning about feeding Matters, and having 7 small grandchildren this was something that I was not aware of, and it was also shocking to hear how common it is here in the State of AZ, this is what motivated me to step in and see how I can help.

How have you volunteered with Feeding Matters?

I have coordinated a Team of Staff from ACCU to volunteer for the Annual Luncheon at the Biltmore, and myself and another group of our staff helped count money from the Luncheon. We also helped make thank you calls to the donors.

What has been your favorite part of volunteering with Feeding Matters?

Definitely working with the staff , our first experience was a great one. AZ Central Credit Union Staff will be back and are happy to help year-round as they need help. We are looking forward to a great partnership.

What sets Feeding Matters apart from other organizations?

They offer resources for Feeding Disorders and many people/ even doctors are not aware or educated. This is a great opportunity to educate and find platforms to bring awareness to Feeding Matters and the resources that are available to the community.