Published by Feeding Matters on Nov 20, 2018

It is with a deep appreciation for the time, commitment, and passion of our dedicated advocates and volunteers that Feeding Matters is launching a monthly Q & A series. They help with events, participate on committees, and coach in our Power of Two program. The advocate and volunteer spotlights will share the stories of our growing network of change agents, the driving force behind our vision to create a world where children with pediatric feeding disorder will thrive.

Cuyler Romeo’s passion for identifying and treating children with pediatric feeding disorders directly aligns with our mission. A longtime supporter, Cuyler recently transitioned from volunteer to Feeding Matters’ director of strategic initiatives – helping us bring awareness to pediatric feeding disorder on a national level.

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am an occupational therapist, board certified feeding, eating and swallowing specialist, lactation consultant and huge supporter of functional, enjoyable mealtimes. I am a Texan by upbringing, but now reside in Tucson, AZ. I also provide CEUs and customized trainings on feeding through my own LLC, Romeo Morgan Consulting and have recently entered the non-profit world as the President of the Institute of Perception-Action Approach, which serves children impacted by movement disorders. I am married with three children, Gwen and Bree who are 7 and Jax who is 8. We are a super busy family that loves nothing more than being at home. I also love great food, tending to life-long friendships and sleeping in, which means 6 am at this phase of my life! I also am fiercely loyal, believe “being funny” is a huge compliment, and eat way to much candy.

How long have you been a volunteer with Feeding Matters?

I have been a longtime supporter of Feeding Matters as a feeding specialist. I was placed on the Strategic Development Committee for AIM (the Advocacy & Early Intervention Model) over a year ago and feel so blessed to contribute more directly to this amazing organization.

In which volunteer activities have you participated?

I have provided feedback during the drafting of the Feeding Questionnaire, attended annual meetings, and served on the Strategic Education Committee. As a committee, we constructed an educational presentation on early identification of pediatric feeding disorders directed at professionals in our community. I’ve presented a case study at a Feeding Matters meeting, gave a Lunch and Learn to CRS in Tucson on behalf of Feeding Matters and am looking forward to filming video shorts of our presentation to give easy access to anyone who wishes to know more about feeding challenges.

What motivated you to become involved with Feeding Matters?

As a feeding specialist, I have been emotionally and professionally impacted by every family with whom I have worked. I recognize that every family needs to feel successful when feeding their child regardless of how that nourishment is given. Feeding Matters provides an avenue for families to find acceptance and support. But this organization also encourages professionals to connect so we can strengthen our intellectual and emotional reserves and support our families optimally.

What has been your favorite part of volunteering with Feeding Matters?

I loved interfacing with a wider group of feeding professionals. I believe diversity breeds ingenuity. Our committee includes different disciplines and abilities; I enjoy learning from the members. It is so rewarding to unite over a shared cause.

What sets Feeding Matters apart from other organizations?

I believe Feeding Matters has harnessed the power of combined talent beautifully. The organization has the strength to change how pediatric feeding disorders are diagnosed, treated, and viewed by the community at large. I believe the ability to transform passion into action sets Feeding Matters apart from other organizations.