Published by Feeding Matters on Jun 18, 2018

It is with deep appreciation for the time, commitment, and passion of our dedicated advocates and volunteers that Feeding Matters is launching a monthly Q & A series. They help with events, participate on committees, and coach in our Power of Two program. The advocate and volunteer spotlights will share the stories of our growing network of change agents, the driving force behind our vision to create a world where children with pediatric feeding disorder will thrive.

Andrea Wallace is one of our parent coaches in Ashburn, VA. She lives with her husband, 2 children and rescue dog, Ringo. She makes her daughter, Penny, a blenderized diet and has shared her recipes on our resource library so other families can utilize it.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am a stay at home mom of two phenomenal children. My son started his first year of kindergarten and absolutely loves it. My daughter is a happy two year old who enjoys dance class and laughing with her big brother. I love to spend time outside running, hiking, walking our dog, and being with my family.

2. How long have you been a volunteer with Feeding Matters?
I am uncertain of my exact start date but I would guess 6-8 months or so. I have no plans to leave anytime soon since I love it!!

3. In which volunteer activities have you participated?
I am a Power of Two parent mentor.

4. What motivated you to become involved?
My daughter has struggled with feeding issues her whole life and she has a feeding tube to help support her with her nutrition. I am passionate about helping others who love someone with a pediatric feeding disorder so that they feel supported and connected with other parents who understand how they feel.

5. What has been your favorite part of volunteering with Feeding Matters?
I enjoy connecting with families and hearing their stories of strength, compassion, and complete dedication for their children. All the families I have worked with are absolutely amazing.

6. In your opinion, what sets Feeding Matters apart from other organizations?
Feeding Matters not only provides families with educational support they also support families with emotional support. The Power of Two parent mentor program serves to support family members of children with pediatric feeding disorder in an emotional way. Once I joined the Feeding Matters team, I felt connected and supported because so many individuals involved in the organization have a personal story that directly relates to the cause.