Published by Feeding Matters on Apr 16, 2018

First established in 1974 through presidential proclamation by Richard Nixon, National Volunteer Week is an annual celebration “to recognize and thank volunteers who lend their time, talent, voice and support to causes they care about in their community. Their stories can serve to inspire others to find ways to take action that creates change.”

In honor of the 2018 National Volunteer Week, Feeding Matters would like to recognize several of our dedicated and committed volunteers.

Eleanor Beatty has been a volunteer with Feeding Matters since March of 2017. She is always willing to help us out, no matter what the project. She represents Feeding Matters with an energy and passion to help others.

  1. How did you first get involved with Feeding Matters?

    I got involved after I moved to Arizona from Texas at the end of 2016. I knew I wanted to get involved in an organization that I was passionate about the mission and vision. I immediately connected with Feeding Matters and emailed Heidi right away about how I could get involved and help.
  2. What is your most prized memory of volunteering with Feeding Matters?

    Recently while volunteering at a 5K race in Tempe we had the chance to interact with families and health care professionals who were participating in the race. It was a smaller event but 90% of the people there had heard of Feeding Matters, had referred families to Feeding Matters, or had been positively impacted by the programs/information of Feeding Matters. A common phrase we heard was “Oh I know you guys! You do great work!” I felt so proud to volunteer for an organization that has such a positive impact in the community and is able to build such strong connections with various populations.
  3. What is your favorite part of volunteering with Feeding Matters?

    My favorite part is being able to share all the wide range of services and benefits of Feeding Matters. Whenever I am able to share about the resources and education provided I see how blown away people are and how encouraged they are knowing there is such a phenomenal organization in our community. This was all reinforced recently when I met a sorority sister who had graduated four years ahead of me at a networking event and had a company called Feeding Littles (she is an RD and her partner is a speech pathologist). We got chatting and I mentioned I volunteer for Feeding Matters and she immediately sang the praises of the work done.
  4. What does being involved with Feeding Matters mean to you?

    It means being part of something bigger than myself.
  5. In your opinion, how does volunteering with Feeding Matters differ from other organizations?

    What makes Feeding Matters different is the people. The people who are employees are always so kind, are passionate about the work they do, and are determined to continue Feeding Matters growth and impact. The fellow volunteers are always so friendly, are great to spend time with, and are just as passionate about the mission. The health care professionals are always so grateful for the education and lastly the families who utilize Feeding Matters are always so thankful and appreciative. You can’t help but be proud to be associated with such a wonderful organization!
  6. What is your biggest hope for families navigating pediatric feeding disorder?

    My biggest hope is that they know they are never alone. They will always have the support of the volunteers, the employees, and the community. We are all here for them on their journey!

To join Feeding Matters’ fight to create a world in which children with pediatric feeding disorder will thrive, visit feedingmatters.org/volunteer.