Telepractice Resources

Published by Feeding Matters on Apr 10, 2020

Feeding Matters is committed to providing up-to-date telepractice logistics, technology, delivery, and overall experience resources. The links below will provide you with more information about organizations supporting the move to increased telepractice. You can also visit the Feeding Matters Resource Library to find handout and templates related to telepractice. There is also the opportunity for you to submit any resources that may be helpful to those accessing our website.

Organizations Supporting Telepractice


Handouts and Templates
Please visit the Resource Directory for the following resources:

  • Billing Guide for Telehealth Encounters
  • Email template for First Telehealth Session
  • Home Feeding Therapy Kit
  • Home OT Kit
  • Platform Options
  • Preparing for Successful Teletherapy
  • Use of Video Conference for Telepractice – A Resource Summary