Support The Cause

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Feeding Matters hears you—and your voice matters. Our vast array of resources promotes dialogue critical to ensuring that each child has support for their social, emotional, developmental, and medical well-being. Our entire community has a vested interest to make certain that children and their families facing pediatric feeding disorders have the hope and help they need to thrive now and throughout their lifetime.

Learn more about the families we serve

With your help, our organization is making a positive difference in the lives of infants and children with feeding disorders. By supporting Feeding Matters you will become a driving force in our efforts to help infants and children thrive. Will you get involved and take your place at the table?

Ways to Take Your Place At The Table

  • Understand. Learn more about pediatric feeding disorders.
  • Donate. Contribute financially to support our mission.
  • Volunteer. Take the time to make a difference.
  • Advocate. Spread the word to make a positive impact.