Stories of Resilience

Published by Feeding Matters on Nov 02, 2020

In celebration of our Community Virtual Event, we will be sharing Stories of Resilience on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Follow along each day and be inspired by the courageous families facing PFD and the professionals who support them. Register for the event here.  

Welcome from Carter

Meet Carter, a child with pediatric feeding disorder and our event emcee, as he introduces our Stories of Resilience series!

Prevalence and ICD Update from Dr. Praveen Goday

Dr. Praveen Goday discusses updates in the field of pediatric feeding disorder.

Helping Others Along Their Journey, Monique White

“The journey as a parent of a child with a Pediatric Feeding Disorder is a lonely one. People not on the journey cannot comprehend how someone can have so much difficulty doing something so basic as nourishing their child. As a Family Coach, I have the opportunity to walk along side another parent on this journey. I can ease their fears, hear their story and validate their feelings. Being a Family Coach with Feeding Matters is a unique opportunity that is needed to support our parents, children and families struggling with Pediatric Feeding Disorder.” -Monique White  

My Journey as an Adult with PFD, Ed Knight

“A couple of days ago marked 4 years since I gave the luncheon speech. I was looking at the pictures today and remembering everything. On reflection, I can see that Feeding Matters has changed my life and helped me stay positive. They have fully accepted me for who I am and what I can do, rather than exclude me for what I can’t eat. When I think about the families who work so hard to find feeding solutions for their precious children (sometimes they seem like tiny milestones, but each step matters) and by seeing donors, volunteers and staff make innumerable efforts to help those small children and their families, I am inspired to keep trying–to keep trying to make it through another day of eating too, to find my own milestones and celebrate them. I know that someone will be there to help me. And maybe I can be of some small help to someone else too.” -Ed Knight    

Resilience, Bill and Judy Schubert

“Resilience has been redefined for many of us this year! We are finding our lives turned topsy turvey because of matters outside our control. It is frustrating; it is debilitating. It is the exact feeling that families who have children with a pediatric feeding disorder have experienced for a long time….. until Feeding Matters stepped up to come to the forefront. Resilient defines these families. They know now how to step up, join hands and hearts, identify and define ….overcome. Finally see light at the end of the tunnel. Breathe again. We are in awe.” -Bill and Judy Schubert, 2020 Visionary Award Attendees  

Finding Support from Feeding Matters, Carter’s Mom Jessie

Carter’s mom Jessie found the support she was looking for from Feeding Matters.  

Sharing our Story, Stephanie Stillman

“The Feeding Matters luncheon is always such a special experience for me. As a mom of two children who have PFD, hearing the stories of other families is such an inspiration! It is so important to my family to share with others all the wonderful work the foundation has accomplished in the past year helping them understand more about PDF and the experiences my family has faced.” -Stephanie Stillman  

Treating PFD with Teletherapy, Susan Hodges, OT/L

“Pediatric Feeding Disorder affects children and their families regardless of their proximity to quality healthcare or unexpected life restrictions such as what we are experiencing with the current pandemic. Teletherapy is a viable alternative to in-person feeding therapy services as it provides the opportunity for evidenced-based coaching of the child, parent or other caregiver using what is readily available to them inside the comfort of their own home.” -Susan Hodges, OT/L  

About the Power of Two Program from a Family Coach

A Family Coach from our Power of Two Program discusses how she has received support from the program, and has been able to give back to other families.    

See You Tomorrow! Carter

View the Community Virtual Event here, Thursday, November 12, 2020 at 9am AZ, MST/11am EST! The event is free to attend.