The Shannon Goldwater Family Education Forum: Empowering Families to Improve Communication with Providers

April 12, 2023 1:00 pm

Presentation Summary

This dynamic forum brings together families to discuss the importance of family driven care, evidence-based practice and highlight tools families can use to improve communication with providers. Education leads to empowerment and during this forum facilitators will discuss the importance of being a lead member of your child’s care team. Although at times it may not feel like you are driving the car (or even in the car) when it comes to your child’s PFD journey this session will leave you feeling empowered to drive.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe one key component of a family driven care model
  • Recognize evidence-based practice in their child’s care journey
  • Identify opportunities for growth in their child’s care journey


  • Heidi Van Der Molen

    Heidi Van Der Molen

    Mother to a charming son who has pediatric feeding disorder (PFD), Heidi Van der Molen is uniquely suited to help families in the midst of their own journeys with PFD. After three years as a passionate volunteer with Feeding Matters, Heidi officially joined the organization in 2015 – managing the organizations volunteers and family support programs, including Power of Two parent-to-parent coaching, caregiver guide, and educational family support offerings.

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  • Jena Fisher

    Jena Saporito Fisher, PhD

    Jena Fisher is the mother to two children, Audrey (12 yo) and Charlie (8 yo). Audrey is her child with PFD, with onset at 5 months old, and eventual diagnoses that have included Failure to Thrive, Gastroparesis, and ARFID. Jena has been active as a parent mentor with Feeding Matters for about 5 years, and is the creator and administrator of an online international support group, Beyond Picky Chickies.

    Professionally, Jena is the Senior Executive Director of Clinical Services and Innovation for the Adult Behavioral Health division of Merakey. She previously worked as Director of Integrated Behavioral Health and a Behavioral Health Consultant with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, and as the Clinical Lead with the Health Federation of Philadelphia. She earned her doctorate in clinical psychology at the University of Virginia and completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Integrated Care and Behavioral Medicine at Cherokee Health Systems.

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  • Brandt Perry

    Brandt Perry

    Brandt Perry is a native of Arizona, where he and his wife Krya raise three energetic children – Austin (10), Brayden (8) and Sydney (6). First encounter with Feeding Matters came in 2016 when 18-month-old Brayden was diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE) and severe food allergies, when the Perrys were searching for information to navigate the new path in front of them. Brayden eats 100% through his G-tube, but that doesn’t slow him down. Brayden's younger sister, Sydney was diagnosed with Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES) and numerous food allergies. She also has a G-tube but eats orally as well, which challenges Brandt and Krya to expand their culinary creativity. Fortunately, big brother Austin provides great support to the whole family. Brandt’s service on Feeding Matters Family Advisory Council began in 2018 with volunteering as a Power of Two Coach following in 2019.

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  • Alba Chester

    Alba is originally from Puerto Rico. In 2014 she and her husband Travis settled in Arizona to raise their three boys. All three of her children have had PFD since infancy. Alba became a Power of Two Coach in 2017 and then joined the Family Advisory Council in 2019.

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