Determinants of Infants’ Readiness to Transition to Solids: A Systematic Review

April 13, 2023 12:15 pm

Presentation Summary

Infants are thought to exhibit behaviors indicating readiness for the introduction of solids; however the evidence is poorly understood. A systematic review was conducted and included four cross-sectional studies. Developmental readiness skills included sitting independently, exploring the environment, and interest in food. Additional higher-quality research is needed to guide families.

Learning Objective

Attendees will be able to identify evidence-based infant behaviors and skills indicative of readiness to transition to solids.


  • Amanda Khamis

    Amanda Khamis B. App Sc SLP, PhD Candidate

    Amanda Khamis is a speech pathologist from Sydney, Australia who has worked internationally in the UK, Middle East, and Australia for 15 years. She has a special interest in supporting feeding and communication for babies, children, and adults with complex neurological and developmental disabilities. Amanda has an enthusiasm for life-long learning and is currently completing a PhD, researching instrumental assessments and motor learning interventions for infants with dysphagia who are at risk of cerebral palsy. She also continues to work clinically at Cerebral Palsy Alliance as a senior certified practicing speech pathologist. Amanda values life’s simple pleasures, like a delicious meal and a good chat, she is dedicated to supporting her clients to have the opportunity to safely and successfully enjoy the same experiences.

    Financial Disclosures: Ms. Khamis is the owner of The Chirpy Swallow, is employed by Cerebral Palsy Alliance, and is a guest lecturer for The University of Sydney and Australian Catholic University.

    Non-financial Disclosures: None

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  • Michelle Mcinerney

    Michelle McInerney PhD

    Michelle McInerney is an academic and researcher at ACU and a member of the Speech Pathology Association of Australia. Michelle graduated as a speech pathologist with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Clinical Speech and Language Studies from Trinity College Dublin in 2000 and followed with a Master of Science in Clinical Speech and Language Studies (specialising in dysphagia) from Trinity College Dublin in 2008. She was awarded her PhD in November 2020. Michelle has over 17 years’ experience working in acute medical, community and disability healthcare settings with 10 years’ senior clinical experience working solely with individuals with neuro-disability. Her research interests include paediatric dysphagia and drooling in children with cerebral palsy (CP); intervention effectiveness for children with CP; outcome measurement and clinical education.

    Financial Disclosures: Dr. McInerney receives a salary from the University of Limerick and is a Research Associate with MCRI. She also receives a salary from Australian Catholic University.

    Non-financial Disclosures: None.

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  • Katherine Sanchez

    Katherine Sanchez PhD

    Katherine Sanchez's research is focused on pediatric feeding disorders, and neurodevelopment in medically and surgically complex children. Her PhD research explored outcomes for children born very preterm. Katherine is a certified practicing speech pathologist and co-owns a private practice, Protea Therapy and also holds a leadership role at the Informed SLP, a company that reviews clinically applicable research for speech pathologists, writing and editing content related to pediatric medical presentations.

    Financial Disclosures: Dr. Sanchez is co-owner of Protea Therapy, is employed by the Informed SLP, The Advanced Pediatric Feeding Mentorship Group, and is a guest lecturer for the University of Melbourne and Victoria University.

    Non-financial Disclosures: None.

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