Asking the Right Questions is the Key

April 21, 2022 11:00 am

This presentation addresses the importance of asking the right questions about the feeding experience that cross over all four domains of PFD. Case studies are used to show how asking the right questions may lead to earlier assessment and intervention. Tools for asking questions across domains are also highlighted.

Learning Objectives
Participants will be able to:

  • State the 4 domains of PFD
  • List two tools designed to help with asking the right questions to facilitate early identification of PFD
  • List at least one question from each of the 4 domains of PFD that may help identify PFD


  • Erin Sundseth Ross, PhD, CCC-SLP

    Dr. Erin Ross received her Ph.D from the University of Colorado in 2007, followed by a 2-year Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the Section of Nutrition at the University of Colorado Denver. Her Master’s Degree is in Speech and Language Pathology, from California State University Stanislaus, which she received in 1988. Dr. Ross is currently an assistant clinical professor in the Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine, University of Colorado and is on faculty at the Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions. She has authored several book chapters and publications related to feeding preterm infants, infants with medical comorbidities, and children with pediatric feeding disorder (PFD). Dr. Ross provides clinical consultation to several NICUs within the HealthONE system in Denver, in addition to providing professional education and research consultation through Feeding Fundamentals. She created SOFFI®, a training program for caregivers in the NICU and in Early Intervention.

    Financial Disclosures: Consultant for Gerber Foods and for Intertek; speaker for Toomey & Associates, and I receive a salary from Feeding Fundamentals, LLC. My presentation will not be used to sell a product or service.
    Non-Financial Disclosures: Chair of Advocacy Committee, Feeding Matters.

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