A Proposed Treatment Model for Pediatric Feeding Disorders

April 21, 2022 2:00 pm

This seminar proposed a treatment model for pediatric feeding disorders (PFDs). Definitions of picky eating versus pediatric feeding disorder versus avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder were provided. Strong emphasis was placed on family involvement and interdisciplinary collaboration. This seminar illustrated how different intervention approaches may be indicated based on domain needs.

Learning Objectives
Participants will be able to:

  • Describe how multiple treatment approaches are needed to support progress.
  • List 5 members who may be a part of the interdisciplinary team.
  • Explain how to incorporate family values when establishing a plan of care.


  • Brianna Miluk, MS, CCC-SLP, CLC

    Brianna Miluk is a pediatric speech-language pathologist who currently works in the home health and outpatient settings. Her professional focus is on infants and medically-complex children with pediatric feeding disorders. Brianna is passionate about providing research-based, family-centered care and clinical mentorship to support the growth of quality feeding therapists.

    Financial: Brianna is the founder and CEO of Pediatric Feeding Therapy, LLC. Bri is a contract employee with Earthshine Speech and Language. Bri is a contractor with Feeding Matters. ​
    Non-Financial: Bri is the founder and president of the Pediatric Feeding Disorder Foundation. She is also a volunteer ambassador for Feeding Matters. Bri manages the Instagram page @pediatricfeedingSLP and co-hosts the podcast The Feeding Pod. Brianna is also VP of Professional and Clinical Affairs for the South Carolina Speech Language Hearing Association.

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  • Alyson Ware, MS, CCC-SLP, CLC

    Alyson Ware is a pediatric speech-language pathologist whose clinical interests include working with infants, toddlers, and young children with pediatric feeding disorders. She has worked in private practice, early childhood intervention and a children’s hospital. Alyson currently works in early intervention and is passionate about providing family-centered services and creating processes to promote continuity of care.

    Financial Disclosures: Alyson is an employee at Bluebonnet Trails Community Services. Alyson is a mentor in the MedSLP Collective.
    Non-Financial Disclosures: Alyson is a volunteer for Dysphagia Outreach Project.

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