The Picky Eating Spectrum with Danielle Zold, RD of @PickyEatingDietian

The Picky Eating Spectrum with Danielle Zold, RD of @PickyEatingDietian

Episode 36 of Nourishing Autism

On today’s episode, Brittyn welcomes Danielle Zold, the Picky Eating Dietitian and a personal friend on the podcast. She is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a Certified Lactation Counselor with a focus on pediatric nutrition and a passion for helping kids eat. She helps parents support their children to grow to their best potential and create healthy relationships with food one bite at a time. IN THIS EPISODE

Resources to help you expand your child’s diet and creating an eating environment that is welcoming and encouraging for your little one

Why picky eating is less about the taste of the foods that your child is eating and more about the other senses they are experiencing

How developmental disorders such as autism and other neurodevelopment disorders are connected to picky eating

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