Salmon Pancakes

Recommended because:
My daughter eats very little that I actually cook myself (not processed), but she does eat this! I was shocked! It is a great way for me to get in "a complete meal" in one package. It can be high calorie and allergen-free as well.


1 Can salmon or tuna with juice/oil
1 egg (or flax egg, which is 1tbsp flax mixed with 3tbsp water)
a bit of flax if not using the flax egg
1 tablespoon or so pureed carrots (other veggies can be added if there is no color intolerance)
1/4 cup or so uncooked gluten-free oatmeal


Put everything in a blender or food processor and let it get nice and creamy. Then, use a spoon to drop small spoonfuls onto a heated skillet just like making pancakes.

I make silver dollar sized ones. I fry/sautee them in either olive or canola oil. I don’t put them on a paper towel when they are finished as I want as much oil going down the hatch as possible.

Nutrient Type(s):
Protein, Vegetable

Food Consistency:

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