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Infant Feeding Therapy

Additional information:

YourFide Dietitian,  is in-network with all major health  insurance plans to provide zero cost and  affordable comprehensive pediatric medical nutrition care therapy services . Providing Tele-Health services in multiple states.
Our Pediatric  Nutrition program is a unique, holistic and comprehensive approach to nutrition care for special needs children. Rather than feeling helpless and overwhelmed, you can feel empowered and get clarity on how to help your child using nutrition. We help parents uncover the happier child that is buried under their symptoms.
Our  Registered  Dietitian, will explain not only what diet and nutrition interventions help children, but why and most importantly how you can do this for your child.  We have the experience and the nutritional expertise you need.
Having young children of our own, we understand the realities and challenges feeding children can bring. Despite the difficulty, its an important part of parenting and can be extremely rewarding. We can work with families to provide realistic meal plans to boost healthy immunity and prevent chronic conditions.
Who Can Our Pediatric Dietitian-nutritionist Help?
YourFide Dietitian can help children, toddlers, and teens establish a better understanding of food. Dietitians are trained to provide proper nutrition for children with a wide variety of diagnoses. Examples include: ADHD, Autism,  Trisomy 21, failure to thrive, malnutrition, cardiac defects, cerebral palsy, developmental disabilities, trauma, chronic respiratory issues, pre-diabetes, viral infections, respiratory illness, asthma, and more
Meet with YourFide Dietitian in person or by video Telehealth.


  • Trauma- Informed Dietetic Care: for Nutrition Professionals
  • Providing Culturally Competent Nutrition Care
  • ARFID for Dietitians “A Responsive Feeding Therapy Approach”
  • FBT for Dietitians “Working with Adolescents and their Families in Eating Disorder Treatment
  • Comprehensive Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist