Is this a feeding Team?


What services are offered?

Early Intervention


Infant Feeding Therapy

Outpatient: Once a week or less (overnight stay not required)


Additional information:

The Speech Village is a boutique pediatric speech-language pathology private practice offering screenings, consultations, evaluations, and therapy for speech, language, feeding, and orofacial myofunctional disorders to children ages birth-12 years via home and community-based services in and around Fairfax County, VA and via teleheath services across the state of Virginia.

We provide services for the following speech and language disorders: Articulation Disorders, Phonological Disorders, Motor Speech Disorders, Receptive Language Disorders, Expressive Language Disorders, Pragmatic Language Disorders, and Literacy Disorders.

We provide services for feeding disorders that are impacting: breastfeeding, bottle feeding, drinking from a cup, transitioning to first solids, transitioning to table foods, food selection and intake, and weight gain.

We provide services for Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders with specialization in pre- and post-op care for tethered oral tissues (TOTs), such as tongue, lip, and cheek ties.

As the saying goes – it takes a village to raise a child and we would love to be a part of yours. Whether you have concerns about your child’s development, are wanting some recommendations on supporting their growth, or are simply looking for peace of mind about your child’s skills, we’re here to help. Contact us via phone (703.828.5226), email (, our website, or Instagram to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation.