Is this a feeding Team?


What services are offered?

Outpatient: Once a week or less (overnight stay not required)

Additional information:

PCDA is a non-profit agency, formed in 1996, which provides services to children, with a range of developmental disabilities and behavioral concerns. The Interdisciplinary Feeding Team addresses medical, dietary, sensory, oral motor, behavioral, and social-emotional aspects of feeding challenges for children, birth to 12 years of age. DIR®/Floortime is the underlying philosophy for PCDA. This approach, which recognizes the fundamental importance of relationships, and building social-emotional capacities in the child, provides guidance in developing goals and intervention strategies. Safety of eating, achieving adequate nutrition, and maintaining health are primary goals for all children in the feeding program. The individual child is considered; recognizing the medical, gastrointestinal, sensory, developmental and social emotional component of each child’s feeding experience. The parents’/ caregivers experiences around feeding their child are critical to successful intervention. Parents/caregivers are primary members of the feeding team and participate actively in the actual intervention process to their fullest potential.