Picky Eating Dietitian – Jess Galland RDN

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Early Intervention

Infant Feeding Therapy


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Jess Galland, RDN, LD provides virtual nutrition coaching for picky eating kids, children with developmental delays, and families with a complex feeding dynamics. Her primary focus is the early intervention space providing families with ongoing one-on-one nutrition support.  She is trained and teaches sDOR and ecSI 2.0. These methods help families learn to adjust the feeding environment to support their kids, to trust each other and most importantly learn trust their bodies. Does your child refuse all new foods? Do they refuse to sit with the family to eat meals? Are they only eating a handful of preferred foods? Does your child seem like they are surviving on air some days? Can you count on a full meltdown at mealtime? Do you dread feeding your child? Jess can help! One-on-one virtual coaching is all done from the comfort of your own home, using a mobile phone or computer. You never have to get the family dressed and drive across town to join Jess for a nutrition session. You can’t beat that! Contact Jess to Book a one-on-one virtual session here to learn how to free your family from the stress of picky eating!