Is this a feeding Team?


What services are offered?

Outpatient: Once a week or less (overnight stay not required)

Additional information:

Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing Associates is a new sister organization to Carolina Pediatric Dysphagia. Carolina Pediatric Dysphagia (CPD) was founded in 1996 by Joan Dietrich Comrie to provide the highest level of care in pediatric feeding and swallowing. CPD addresses all aspects of feeding and swallowing in a non-threatening, yet professional environment. Carolina Pediatric Dysphagia uses a medically based approach that is child-focused and family-centered. Our team approach ensures that all of your medical providers are providing a unified approach to fulfilling your child’s needs. This approach involves pediatricians, developmental pediatricians, gastroenterologists (GI), otolaryngologists (ENT), neurologists, pulmonologists, psychologists, nutritionists, occupational therapists, physical therapists and any other member of your child’s medical team. CPD has extensive experience in all levels of dysphagia care. From the neonatal intensive care unit to schools, residential care facilities to private practice and home-based healthcare, we are unique in our level of care. CPD also sees more children than any other facility in the region, giving us the ability to apply this experience to quickly provide a solution for your child. CPD’s efficient and effective evidence-based services produce superior outcomes! Our services include evaluations, modified barium swallow studies, and treatment. We complete detailed evaluations and recommendations, and design a treatment program that considers your child’s individual needs. Based on over 26 years of experience, our carefully designed programs work. The evaluations are not hospital-based forms. Instead our detailed evaluations are individually planned to meet the patient’s needs whether they are referred by their pediatrician, lactation consultant or are students of Wake County Public School System, Tammy Lynn, United Cerebral Palsy, Frankie Lemmon Preschool and Hill Top Home. Joan has privileges at WakeMed Hospital. For our patient’s convenience, she completes Modified Barium Swallow Studies at WakeMed and at Wake Radiology Pediatric Outpatient Imaging Center. Learn more about Modified Barium Swallow Studies.