Moore Feeding & Language (in home infant and pediatric feeding therapy)

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Infant Feeding Therapy

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Moore Feeding & Language is 100% in your home. Working with infants and young children on establishing safe and pleasurable feeding skills that support growth and development. I strongly believe children and families should have fun while on this journey, maximizing the benefits of feeding therapy. This has been my passion as an SLP for 26 years!!  I can’t wait to meet you! Parents prepare to be trained and to be put to work!!  YOU learn the optimal strategies for your unique child and practice at each opportunity. That’s how progresses is made! You can do it! If you were just discharged from NICU and need some assistance or want to make sure feedings are going well…I can’t wait to meet you! *Solo practice. I do not submit to insurance. I am happy to provide you with the information your insurance requires for you to submit for reimbursement (if your insurance allows).