Michelle Prather, Occupational Therapist-Early Intervention

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Early Intervention

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Michelle became an occupational therapist is 1999. She has worked in multiple settings, but focused her practice on pediatrics exclusively since 2004.  She has worked as a school based occupational therapist through the local special education district. In 2023, she became an SOS Trained Feeding Therapist after concern mounted regarding the number of children entering the school system with a history of feeding difficulty. Michelle is currently using her training in Illinois’ birth to three program (Early Intervention) as a private practitioner. She serves children and families in the home setting, with a passion for educating concerned parents about how to help their children increase/expand their dietary intake and how to set up mealtime routines for the family. Michelle is currently using her post-graduate training exclusively through the Early Intervention Program as a private occupational therapist working with families of children aged 0-3 in the home setting. Her goal is to expand this practice to older children with a multidisciplinary approach based on need in Southern Illinois Counties.