Is this a feeding Team?


What services are offered?

Outpatient: Once a week or less (overnight stay not required)

Additional information:

Mealtime Partners specializes in working with families whose children have difficulties with mealtimes. This includes children of all ages, with and without a learning delay or diagnosed disability. Rebecca is trained in the SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) Approach to Feeding and integrates this approach with strategies she has developed over the length of her career. The SOS Approach to Feeding “focuses on increasing a child’s comfort level by exploring and learning about the different properties of food and allows a child to interact with food in a playful, non-stressful way, beginning with the ability to tolerate the food in the room and in front of him/her; then moving on to touching, kissing, and eventually tasting and eating foods” ( Mealtime Partners can help you to work on: – your child sitting calmly at the table for the duration of mealtimes – increasing the range of foods your child eats – increasing the quantity of food your child will eat – improve your child’s oral motor skills ie. chewing – preparing your child to transition off an NG tube or PEG Sessions are usually home based with the option of visits to daycare and school. *can work in conjunction with other specialists