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What services are offered?

Intensive Outpatient: Once or more per day for several days/week

Additional information:

About Us Trendine ABA provides high-quality in-home applied behavior analysis (ABA) feeding therapy to children with autism and other developmental disorders! ABA is an evidence-based, scientifically supported intervention for autism and associated feeding difficulties. Our mission is to provide families with peace of mind through improvements in the feeding and mealtime behavior of children with autism, one plate at a time. Our promise to the families we serve is that our ABA Feeding Care Teams provide timely, collaborative, and compassionate feeding therapy they can count on. We accept insurance and serve children in-person throughout the San Antonio, TX region and anywhere in Texas via telehealth. Parent Resource Center Parents can access information and resources related to pediatric feeding disorders, autism, and ABA through the Parent Resource Center. Families who receive services from Trendline ABA can participate in its unique parent education and training program. This 16-week program utilizes our unique in-house curriculum to provide parents with research-based information, skills, and strategies for effectively improving their child’s feeding and participation in mealtimes using applied behavior analysis (ABA). Parents complete this course week by week as their child receives individualized 1:1 ABA feeding therapy from their Feeding Care Team. By week 11, parents develop their own feeding intervention as the next step towards independent management of the feeding problem. This course is taught by our Founder and CEO, Dr. Bryant Silbaugh. In this course, parents attend a 1-hour parent education session per week, either in-home or via videoconference. They also complete a brief homework assignment and quiz before the next session. In the KNOWLEDGE part of this course, during weeks 1 – 10, parents acquire foundational knowledge in feeding disorders, applied behavior analysis, and special considerations pertaining to feeding disorders in children with autism. Lastly, in the APPLICATION part of this course during weeks 11 – 16, parents transition to independently managing mealtimes and improving feeding by designing and implementing their own interventions using applied behavior analysis. Services and Special Programs ABA therapy services include direct treatment, supervision, and parent training. As a part of direct treatment, all children are enrolled in our unique Healthy Kids Grub Club designed to enhance the quality of care through celebration and acknowledgement of each child’s progress. At each level of the program children earn special prizes and certificates for meeting a specified number of feeding goals.