Power of Two FAQ

Is there a charge?
The Power of Two program is a free program for families.

Who is eligible?
Any parent, caregiver, family member who is struggling with a loved one’s PFD.

What should I expect to get out of the program?
Being matched with a family coach will lessen the feelings of isolation, connect you to resources, and help you become a strong advocate for your child.

What training do family coaches go through?
Our coaches go through a volunteer orientation and family coach training to better serve the mentees they are matched with.

Can coaches offer medical advice?
Our family coaches do not offer medical advice.  Any questions regarding your child’s medical care, should be directed to your child’s doctor.

How am I matched with a family coach?
Feeding Matters selects a family coach that has had a similar experience to yours and takes into consideration the type of feeder your child is, your location, and your top concerns.

What if I don’t or can’t connect with my coach?
If you don’t hear back from your coach or if you don’t feel like it’s a good fit, contact info@feedingmatters.org or call (623) 242-5234, ext #306.