Ronan, Age 4

Location: New Jersey, United States

Challenges:Dysphagia, aspirating, aversions, food sensitivities.

Formal PFD Diagnosis: Yes

Age of Formal PFD Diagnosis: 11 months old

Type of Insurance: Blue Cross Blueshield

Percent of monthly budget that goes to feeding difficulties: A lot!

Does insurance cover any / all medical costs? Insurance helps with therapy


My son was only a week and a half old when we first brought up concerns to his pediatrician. He was coughing every time he nursed and extremely raspy. We were told it was normal and sent home. For months after, we struggled and were reassured it was "just reflux." It took 5 different reflux medications not working, multiple specialist appointments and tests, pneumonia, 3 sleep studies, supplemental oxygen at home, and an abnormal swallow study until we finally received a diagnosis that he had dysphagia and was aspirating. He was 11 months old at the time. Everything finally improved once he was put on thickener and began feeding therapy. He's now a super sweet, happy, and healthy 4yo (5 in February). He still struggles to swallow and uses thickener as needed, but we're proud to say he has recently successfully incorporated thin liquids into his diet and is doing fantastic!

What having coverage could mean

Insurance helps with therapy