Mary Beth Feuling, MS, RD, CSP, CD

Mary Beth Feuling, Feeding Matters' Medical Professional Council Member

Credentials: Children's Hospital of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Mary Beth specializes in working with pediatric patients in the area of food allergy, gastroenterology, and feeding disorders. She is part of the interdisciplinary feeding team and Eosinophilic Esophagitis clinics. She has a vast range of experience as she was a Food Scientist providing product and process development services for a variety of food manufacturers including entrepreneurs to fortune 500 food manufacturing companies. Her food science background has provided knowledge that has assisted her in continuing the development of the Food Allergy Nutrition Clinic and the interdisciplinary Eosinophilic Esophagitis Clinic at Children's Hospital. She has become specialized in the area of pediatric nutrition, food allergies, feeding disorders and instrumental in developing services that improve the nutritional status of these patients. She has presented on these topics to a variety of local, regional and national audiences. She is authoring the Food Allergy Chapter for the first ASPEN pediatrics core curriculum. Mary Beth has been instrumental in helping many families navigate the nutritional challenges of food-allergic and/or food restricted children.