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Power of Two

Parents of children with feeding disorders may feel isolated and overwhelmed with the medical, emotional, financial, educational and social issues while raising their child. The Power of Two program matches parents who are facing their child’s feeding disorder with other parents or mentors who have been through a similar experience.

Feeding Matters® Power of Two Mentors offer emotional support and information by sharing valuable knowledge and assistance to those who are new to pediatric feeding disorders. As volunteer mentors, they help to build confidence and provide support that helps decrease the isolation and grief families often face when caring for a child with atypical feeding behaviors.

"I spoke with wanted to reach through the phone and give her a hug!!! Her story and her daughter's feeding disorder remind me so much of our struggles with our son! She and her husband have felt so alone! Her husband was searching on the internet and stumbled across the Feeding Matters website and they watched their video. Katie said the section of the video in which one of the mom's was talking about the Failure To Thrive diagnosis and it might as well say failure to be a mother...she said she related with that at such a deep level. She and I talked for a long time and about lots of different things... I will be sending her an email with tons of resources and I hope that she is able to find help/comfort in those resources... I really enjoyed connecting with Katie...she was so appreciative of Feeding Matters and being able to connect with a community of people who are going through similar struggles."

- Joyce Cope, Power of Two Mentor

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Online Forum

To expand Feeding Matters’ ability to help families quickly and efficiently, we have switched from supporting a forum on our website to fulfilling this aspect of family support through our Facebook page. This will ensure parents, caregivers, and healthcare professionals can get their pressing questions and concerns answered as quickly as possible.

You can post your questions to the Feeding Matters Facebook page, or send us a message directly. Our goal is for you to have a response to your questions and concerns within one business day, with the understanding that this might not always be possible during high traffic times.

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