Parent Council

Garrett Barnes

Garrett and his husband of 18 years are raising three amazing daughters in Utah.  Determined to assist Lucy, their eldest, he spends time outside of his career in finance working to educate, bring awareness and attention for pediatric feeding disorders.  With zero medical diagnosis and no explanation as to why his daughter will not eat by mouth, his family is committed to a Homemade Blended Diet fed via G Tube while they pursue therapy with Lucy.  She loves to eat chocolate pudding, Nutella, Banana Smoothie, suck on countless Costco Sized bags full of pretzels and makes progress each day toward her goal of consuming her meals by mouth.  Their twins Alice and Ivy provide positive support as they are enthusiastic mouth eaters and cheer Lucy on whenever there is a victory.  Garrett serves as board member for several healthcare related organizations as well as for an Independent School in Utah who's philosophy is to develop young minds to heal the world.

To learn more about Garrett and his family, watch this video.

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Lucia Cota

My name is Lucia Cota, I've been a stay at home mom for the last 5 years and recently started working from home empowering families to start using their constitutional rights and also protect their identities.  I was invited to join the Parent Council from Feeding Matters. This was an opportunity I coudn't pass us because I love helping families and especially those who have had a complicated journey with their children. I have a son with multiple medical challenges and one of them is feeding related. It has been a difficult runway and since we share similar struggles, I want to help parents to be the best advocates in their kid's journeys.

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Cathy Humphrey

Cathy is married to Manolis and mom to Maria, a sweet, beautiful 11-year old who was born with hydrocephalus. Feeding is just one of Maria’s many challenges. She had an NG tube during her first year, then again for a few months when she was 7, after a big surgery, which is when we decided to have a G-tube placed. Now she eats pureed and soft foods, only using the tube for liquids and medicines. Cathy works full time for the Bureau of Land Management, has been a volunteer for Feeding Matters and Raising Special Kids for several years, and was recently appointed to Arizona’s Special Education Advisory Panel.

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Hayley Rothblum, member of Feeding Matters Parent Council

Hayley Rothblum

Hayley Rothblum is a medical office executive and mother to two children who experienced feeding issues. Hayley earned her undergraduate degree in linguistics and she is acutely aware of the need to help parents and medical providers work together. Hayley wants to connect parents with the information they need to manage feeding issues. Hayley experienced first-hand the power of becoming informed to work with healthcare providers to advocate on behalf of their children. Hayley’s professional and family experiences have combined to help her understand a parent’s vital role in the care continuum.

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Renee Uzelac

Renee is the mother of a 6 year old son and wife of Bob. She has been a supporter of Feeding Matters as a parent mentor for two years. Her background is in hospital administration and patient support. The last 6 years she has been devoted to the care of her son who has experienced eating/feeding issues at the introduction of mastication. This prompted her, at the suggestion of the director of a feeding clinic her son attended, to get involved with Feeding Matters and help parents navigate through the world of challenges with feeding and eating.

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Parent Council Member, Robin Neiderer

Robyn E. Neiderer, MSN, CRNP

My name is Robyn Neiderer, CRNP, MSN! I am married to my best friend and incredibly supportive husband named Matthew! We have been blessed with three healthy and happy children: Abigail (8 years old), Daniel (6 years old), and Patrick (20 months old)! We live on the east coast in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia. I am currently a proud Stay-at-Home Mom raising my children but I am professionally an Adult Nurse Practitioner! I received both my BSN and MSN degrees at Villanova University and have worked at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD and The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA. My background ranges from Neuro and Multi-System Trauma/Intensive Care Nursing as well as Interventional Radiology both within the hospital setting. Additionally, I have worked in private practice providing care in Women's Health/OB-GYN. I have been a Parent Volunteer in the Power of Two Program with Feeding Matters since 2010 and have been recently offered a place on the Parent Council! My son, Danny, was born as a full-term infant with severe reflux which eventually turned into failure-to-thrive. After a little over three years, with the help of numerous specialists and the Hershey Feeding Program, I can happily say that Danny is now a thriving little boy! It wasn't until after we had gotten through our feeding challenges that I found Feeding Matters (formerly P.O.P.S.I.C.L.E.)! I wanted the opportunity to provide support to other families who were just starting to go through the process of getting help for their children. I am honored to be a member of this organization and truly hope to make a difference in educating families and healthcare professionals regarding all feeding challenges!

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